Monday, April 28, 2008


On April 17th, a Roundtable was held in Canajoharie at the Arkell Museum (a beautiful facility and worth visiting).  It was sponsored by the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor and was well attended by over 75 "art minded" community leaders, arts and community development professionals and canal enthusiasts.  The main speaker was Ronald Lee Fleming of the Townscape Institute, a nationally recognized planner and place-making expert.  Thank goodness for people like Hannah Blake (ECNHC) who brought this event together.  Her vision, contacts and amazing ability to present a first class event made this a very meaningful gathering.  I certainly learned a lot and we were all able to make new contacts.  Art Walks On Water is only part of the big picture.  The 524 Mile Gallery will become a huge Art Trail and will include studios, galleries, museums, art walks, bus tours and more.  It should provide a great boost to artists and the New York State Canal System, of which the erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor is a major component.  Many thanks to Teresa Vitale of TAV Designs (Jordan, N.Y.) who worked so hard to help Hannah in the planning of this roundtable. Now we have to get the project supported and moving.


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Hi Lori, I just love all your websites. Do you do your own photography? Your photos are wonderful.

Mural by Dawn Jordan

Mural by Dawn Jordan
Get on the Mural Mania Bandwagon

Art Walks On Water News and Updates

****I have created an album that you can reach through my blog. When you click on Picasa Albums, go to "524 Mile Gallery." Photos have already been sent and I will continue to add more as soon as you can get them to me. Let's see how much art is already out there along the canal AND in your communities.

****PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SEND PHOTOS AND INFORMATION TO THE BLOG. Include Title, Artist and Location. If there is a gallery or museum, send a photo of that too. Thanks!

****6/21/07**** On June 14th "Winston's Dream" was dedicated in Lyons, New York, where I had the pleasure speaking. The event was attended by over 250 people, there to support the Dobbins family and the debut of MURAL MANIA. Carmella Mantello, of the Canal Corporation spoke along with Frank Dean, of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. Numerous letters were read from Governor Spitzer and others. An excellent example of public art along the New York State Canal System.

****9/20**** When the Lois McClure stopped in Brockport, the community really turned out. Almost 2400 people toured in two days. The crew was great and I was able to get to know many of them. We delivered fresh vegetables and lots of organic garlic (that we grow on our farm) to enhance their diets. They were kind enough to carry a poster my students made (Main St. USA - Brockport, NY) to Rome, as a gift to Mayor James Brown. He also got a bag of garlic. Hannah Blake, of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, was there for 3 days, and we had many hours to discuss the future of Art Walks On Water. She is a great supporter and has quite a vision for the future. Good things are about to happen,please stay tuned.

****1/14/2008**** I'm Back!!!! and still working toward a roundtable for late spring or early summer with Hannah Blake. Happy to announce that Clarkson, New York
will be installing a kiosk along the canal at Sansocie Park in the next month or so.
It will promote Art Walks On Water and their town. This ambitious community got the specs for the kiosk from the Canal Corporation and jumped through all the hoops (permission etc.) to make it happen. Ordinarily the state has been charging $15,000 to construct them, and they did it for $2,500 in supplies and inkind service to have it installed. If they can do it, other communities can too. A print of the Clarkson School House will be displayed along with a bio for artist Helen Smagorinsky.